Fran Undurraga admitted that she had abused her "uncle" van


Model Francisca Undurraga on television she was abused when I was a girl the man who drove home every day school van in Arici.

"I do not think I've ever told this on TV, or my parents, now I understand when I was nine years old, I did not realize that," he began to talk about the Podemos Hablar program.

When she remembered the facts, she upset her: "I went to school from school and always" uncle " That's why I sat on it. I sat next to him to touch my feet, under the jumper"

This tip now You should be in jail (..) How do you touch your legs? What will a nine-year-old girl say she does not know what she is 20 years later?

Undurga remembered thateach time the hand was higher"and that the situation affects him when he thinks" if this happens to his daughter ", but he does not even remember the name of the subject.

"I hope she remembers and looks at me. He's the son of a bitch, "he said.


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