Fire in a commercial building in Santiago has triggered firefighters


Fourteen companies in the Santiago Fire Department (CBS) mobilized on Thursday night to fight fire in a business building at the crossroads of Matucana and Alameda, Within the border of the municipality of Santiago with the central station.

Flames were affected by several commercial spaces located on the first floor of the building, which in October had already suffered an assassination of a similar incident.

The Commander CBS, Gabriel Huerta, detail in Cooperative that volunteers had to act from outside, in defensive mode, due to the type of fractures in the building.

"This was a structure that is already a fire, and because of this new fire is much weaker, there is a great risk of collapse inside and we work on the outside," he added.

When the fire is controlledThe firefighters left their jobs debris removal and with appropriate expert opinions to determine the causes of loss.

The transit through the Matucana avenue is interrupted, while in Alameda a limited part of the route to the west is due to the work of the Fire Department.


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