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Among the artists are more and more fashionable. Not only do women perform it, but also men join this trend, which in their opinion is an improvement in physical appearance, an indispensable tool for them.

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A fashion that does not mean the generalization of famous personalities. That's the case Vesta Lugg who recently surprised on his Instagram account with a postcard that attracted the attention of his followers who were wondering"Was there an aesthetic retouch?", The truth is, this is just make-up, where the outline radically marked his face, which shows a completely different profile of the singer.

"You look very different, royal, but different, I do not like it when you change it, you are", "I had to look at the picture more than three times because I thought someone else was", "Noooo, you look like someone else. change so many facial features, "" I do not recognize you anymore, you were prettier before "," I feel your face was changed, it's not a normal face "," Vesta operated on the face and nobody told us? " some messages from his followers on the digital platform.

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