Falabella's investment plan for 2019


The digital strategy will explain 37% of the resources, which is comparable to 32% planned before the year.

Arriving in Mexico, buying a Line, an alliance with Ikea and opening shops, shopping and distribution centers. The last two years have been specifically shifted to the Falabella Group, but it seems that the company is not ready to support the competitive retail industry.

The Solari and Del Río family has updated its investment plan, amounting to $ 4.2 billion for the period 2019-2022, which is comparable to $ 3.9 billion from the previous version. Falabella said that the exchange rate was discounted, the plan is 11.2% higher and will be boosted by operational costs focused on digital transformation of the company.

As was the trend, everything that was associated with the latter took the lead. On this occasion, 37% of funds will be devoted to the development of information technologies and initiatives for logistics infrastructure, and in the past year, 32% of the budget.

Among the goals of the current plan is "to continue the development of a physical and digital ecosystem that provides a comprehensive response to customers, consolidates the presence in the region and deepens the commercial offer."

"This will improve the adjustment of its supply through BI and artificial intelligence, strengthen cyber security and stimulate the growth of the Line, the regional market, acquired in August 2018," he said in a statement.

In the physical sense, the company will spend USD 1,428 million in the region to open five shopping centers and 95 stores, especially in areas where it is not available, which includes the development of Ikea formats in Chile, Peru and Colombia, he said.

The company has 504 stores in the region and 43 shopping centers. Last year, we opened 20 sales outlets, one of the most important milestones being the opening of the first three stores in Mexico under the Sodimac brand. In addition, seven stores were closed during this period, one in Peru, one in Chile and four in Brazil.

The growth plan also takes into account $ 1,218 million to optimize existing locations, with extensions and updates to strengthen the positioning of their own brands, further develop Click & Collect spaces and allow for better synergies between different physical and digital channels.

CEO of Gaston Bottazzini explained that "Falabella is investing in further growth of the company and building an integrated service ecosystem that will enable us to serve clients throughout the region at any time and anywhere we want." We are convinced that this will consolidate Falabella as the most important digital and physical ecosystem in Latin America. "


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