Fach ratifies the "filling" order on an airplane


Supreme Commander of the Air Force of Chile (Fach), General Arturo Merino Núñez, has confirmed that at ceremonies carried out by a military institution there will be no more enormous military aircraft.

"Instructions given by the President of the Republic on November 6 are given in the instructions. Before that, we made changes in command and some other rituals with a large presence of planes: new instructions and this is the one that will be fulfilled," he stressed.

In this way, the head of Fach confirmed that during the institutional celebration, he will no longer be able to fly anymore after President Sebastián Piñera expressed his disruption during the radio interview due to the costs associated with the promotion of General Merino's promotion.

As the airline reported, the change in command cost $ 438 million, which virtually doubled the cost of the ceremony at the opening of President Piñera's judicial seat (approximately $ 213 million).

Undersecretary for the Armed Forces, Juan Francisco Galli, meanwhile considered that the issue of costs at the air ceremony of the commandment assumption was "already exceeded".
"All the ceremony that the armed forces must establish must be within the framework of the savings instructions dictated by the president of the republic," Galli said.

"The reflection of the aircraft (in the course of a change in command) was considered uncertified, according to the conditions of savings required by the President of the Republic", underlined the Undersecretary.

Centennial aerial feat

Both authorities spoke in Argentina during the celebration of the binational ceremony, which reminded of the crossroads of the Andean mountain areas for its largest part, which was completed a century ago by Chilean military pilot Dagoberto Godoy.

On this occasion, he also drew attention to a similar flight, between Zapalo and Cunco, which was carried out at a lower altitude by Trans-Andean flyingman Luis Cenobio Candelaria.
The church was held at the Plumerillo Air Force Base in Argentina.

During the ceremony, Chief Commander Fach emphasized that the risky flight, which was 100 years ago, "allowed our people to get out of the air, thereby creating the development and progress of Chile and Argentina".


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