Everton could not solve it and Curicó saved the draw


"Torteros" and viñamarinos scored 2-2 in La Granja and scored eight units in the national tournament.

Curicó Unido and Everton La Grange kicked off the eighth national tournament. The match ended with 2: 2.

Viennarins have always been in the lead. I just started the game for 3 minutes Álvaro Ramos open a spreadsheet At 21 & # 39; Carlos Espinosa It all matched Maule.

"Chanchito" had a keen night and again reached 47th place. In the update, there was a fun game. The locals searched for a tie and "Rulteros" had the opportunity to liquidate it.

The hero of the "torteros" was Mauro Quiroga, who beat Christian Campestrini shortly after the end (84 ') and gave the final result. Curicó and Everton reached 8 points and failed to take off from the bottom of the table. Keep in mind that the broadcast in Garden City is a pending match against Cobresal.


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