Monday , May 20 2019
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Ernesto Belloni leaves Morandé with a company

Morande suffered a new blow with society. The first was the confirmation that humor will stop broadcasting on Saturdays and Friday only.

However, a new fact that will affect the program is now confirmed. In the midst of this scenario, a good morning reporter, Hugo Valencia, said one of the faces of this space will leave his job after 16 years: it's Ernesto Belloni.

In a conversation with TVN, Belloni said that this decision means "to reduce the number of staff I am, because I go on Saturdays. Because of how I work and because of cost problems, I do not have room for Friday."

Belloni also explained that he considered this to be "El Muro", but with other types of conditions. "I come from Mega, I'm coming with the second salary, so I'm very fond of Kike. I have already explained for a long time that I'm working alone, I'm doing my own scripts, I'm doing my own scenes, I'm doing my things, I'm doing my space in the program, then I do not I feel good because I should be a participant of others and I like to work alone or with people. I have said that for a long time and because it will not happen on Saturday, I go home. "

Ernesto Belloni acknowledged that the greatest influence that needs to be faced with this situation is emotional, not economic.

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