In December last year, they were creators Fortnite surprised everyone with the announcement of their own video game store: Shop Epic Games. When it was available, the company started shifting its chips to become a serious alternative to Steam. Can you really compete with Valve's proposal? They've happened in the last few weeks important events that strengthen your product.

Ubisoft and Section 2. T They turn their backs on Steam

Ubisoft confirmed this Section 2. T, one of the most anticipated titles in the first half of 2019, you will forget about Steam to get to Epic Games Store, next to Uplay. While other games like Satisfying The same has been done since December, and the French publisher's movement has been the most influential so far.

This is not a temporary exclusionThey said they did not intend to land in the Valve service. Chris Early, vice president of the Ubisoft partnership, acknowledged that Epic Games "continues to shake the gaming industry", which relates to the recent launch of its store. "Their third digital distribution model is the latest example and we want to support them," he concluded.

Although most may think that Epic only used its current economic potential to complete the distribution agreement, there are other factors that show us differently. Shop Epic Games charges a fee of 12% for each sold copy, a significant difference if you buy it with Steam, which reaches 30%.

The true goal of Ubisoft is very clear: get more profit in a completely new store. The risk for the experiment is high, because it is Section 2. T This is a very important address in your budget year. If it turns out, this would be successful for both involved parties. Ubisoft would gain greater economic benefits, and Epic would gain popularity and reputation for its trade.

We can not say that there is blind faith, since the study of North Carolina He has earned the respect of industry for many years. The franchises have already recognized as Unreal Tournament o Gears of War. On the other hand, Unreal Engine graphic engine remained one of the most used developers. Fortnite It expanded its popularity among several audiences and increased revenue, which enabled them to explore other types of projects.

Anticipated launch on Android

Mobile platforms will not be excluded from your strategy. It's the initial plan to start the Epic Games Store on Android this year. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said in December that they are striving to achieve their goal. Their intentions remain untouched, and it all seems to be happening in the coming months.

remember this Fortnite avoid Google Play to save a fee of 30%, a movement that can not be imitated in iOS. However, they also showed interest in reaching the AppStore in 2019, but they agreed that Apple's current policy would create some complications. The Executive Director mentioned that "all devices of general interest, such as personal computers, smartphones and tablets open to competition between stores, must be". On the other hand, however The valve did not show interest in tracking the same route.

Mobile devices are a key area of ​​business. Unreal Engine is compatible with iOS and Android, its tools can take advantage of the technical potential of hardware to create work with great visual detail. In December this was announced cross-game services will be available for developers for free, which allows your games to be used between PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Although it is too early to say that they will cause damage to Steam, Epic Games store continues to collect positive steps that lead it along a path full of optimism. Your advantages over competition can be decisive in the battle that just started. In the end, we could consolidate the ecosystem between graphic engine, digital commerce and a library of our own games Fortnite.