"Emosido cheated": Check out the best memo left by the non-resurrection Juan Gabriel


Joaquín Muñoz, former lead singer Juan Gabriel, caused a mixture in 2018, after it revealed that "Divo de Juárez"- That's why she's alive.

The former representative was not satisfied with giving such a forecast that the interpreter "Noa Noa"He was preparing to return to the stage. Date? on Saturday, December 15th.

The rumors were quickly downloaded to various news portals. Especially when there was "evidence" that the singer who died in 2016 hiding somewhere in the world.

WhatsApp audio and photos on your back It was enough for everyone to look forward to his return.

And let's face it: more than one had hope in a matter of minutes that Juan Gabriel lived.

Those who were more concerned about even creating an event on Facebook that attended the Plaza Italia on the night before his return.

However, waiting is in vain. So much was said about him that nothing happened. The Mexican star did not return to fame and majesty, disappointed thousands of tweeters around the world.

According to Muñoz, this was due to "reprogramming" as the new key date will be the next birthday of Juan Gabriel: January 7, the date when the artist from Ciudad Juárez will cross 69.

But hey, it's still part of the day and maybe more than one surprise we take.

For now, you can see the memo left by the non-resurrection of Juan Gabriel:


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