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Economists agree that the new Presidency of Codelec will increase the long-term productivity of the Economy


Economists agreed that an increase in copper productivity in the medium and long term for Codelco is expected, following the arrival of the Bureau Octavio Araneda, which will take over the tasks in September.

Last Friday, Nelson Pizarro, who will soon leave the mining company, resigned to the company's manager after a few weeks of uncertainty about the future of his position.

With his resignation, Octavio Araneda, a mining engineer with over 33 years of history in the mining industry, filled his vacancy.

For Víctor Salas, Doctor of Economics at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium and a professor at the University of Santiago de Chile, copper production will increase, although he also said that it will depend on the outcome of the negotiations and the changes in the technology being carried out. .


Salas added that the main challenge for the new President of Aranada is to maintain the process of launching the Chuquicamat subterranean mine and its productivity as it involves the inclusion of new machines and the laying off of people.

For César Valencia, an economic analyst at Alpari, the biggest challenge for Aranedo is to negotiate with the trade unions, as the reduction in the cost that Codelco must strive to reduce reduces the number of staff, although the change, according to Valencia, should be Be positive on middle and long rock.


The Universidad del Desarrollo MBA Economics Coordinator and economic analyst Pavel Gómez said that the arrival of Octavia Aranede in the Codelca presidency brought good expectations, which shows that the emphasis on increasing the efficiency of Codelec


Octavio Araneda spent most of his career at the institute and became the vice president of the Centro Sur operation, and now he will take over as Codelco's executive director in September.

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