Ears: Brazil records 12 deaths and 10,274 cases in the past year


The The Brazilian government reported on Thursday that there were 12 deaths and 10,274 confirmed measles cases in the past year, resulting from two outbreaks faced by countries. t Amazonas and Roraima, both in the north of the country.

From the beginning of 2018 to 8 January, the authorities registered four deaths in Roraimi, six in Amazonas, and two in ParĂ¡the latter also in the northern region of Brazil, according to the Ministry of Health in its latest bulletin.

As with confirmed cases of disease, t Of these, 9,778 were reported in Amazonas and 355 in Roraima, which in recent years has taken thousands of Venezuelans who have fled the social, political and economic crisis through which their country passes.

In individual countries there were also isolated cases ParĂ¡ (61), Rio Grande do Sul (45), Rio de Janeiro (19), Pernambuco (4), Sergipe (4), Sao Paulo (3), Rondonia (2), Bahia, in addition to the case registered in. t Brasilia, the capital of the country.

"The outbreaks that occurred last year are associated with imports, as the virus genotype (D8) circulating in Brazil is the same as that circulating in Venezuela, the country with an outbreak of disease since 2017," the Ministry of Health said. in note.

The portfolio explained that in two of the most affected countries, Amazonas and Roraima, came new cases in recent months, a trend that remains to date.

Last year, the Brazilian government carried out an intensive National Campaign against measles and paralysis, aimed primarily at children aged between one and five years.

The vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella, included in the triple virus, coming down in recent years in the country. In 2017 it presented 85% coverage when it was 100% in 2014according to recent official data.


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