Dispute about Gordon Ramsay's sexual comments to Sofia Vergara in the old TV interview and playback


In recent hours, the social networks have revived the cooperation of a famous chef Gordon Ramsay in 2010 in the talk program Jay Leno

On this occasion, the British restaurant owner shared with a Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, his comments being upset and raising tone and behavior.

As you can see in the pictures, guests and driver see the sketch in which the main character is instantly A modern family claims for food served in her wardrobe, allegedly prepared by Lena and Ramsay.

"Did I scare you?" Normally I do not really shout like that. Everything worked, "says Vergara, after which Ramsay replied: "Are you screaming like that in the room?" Then he attended Lena and said: "You will never find out."

Later, the hostess presented some photographs about Vergara's journey to Italy and Greece. When they come to a postcard in which a player puts a bikini with a friend, Lena asks the producers to see the photo better. "It's clear that we have a director", said the animator.

Later they go to a photo where Vergara, who eats a piece of pizza, is seen. "You seem to enjoy it. Is this all in the mouth?Ramsay asked with a clear sex tone. Visibly uncomfortable, the Colombian managed to answer: "Yes, yes, yes".

Capture | YouTube
Capture | YouTube

"You do not know the knife and fork," replied the chef. "You'd better take the piece and put it in your mouth," he added.

Finally, an interpreter from his country brought a sweet dessert, described by the chef as "sweet shit". And not only because it even began to unnecessarily touch the part of the player's thigh that responds: "No, no touch."

Vergara's discomfort is such that it ends at one end of the table. "This guy does not respect", is mentioned in Spanish.

Users of social networks not only criticized Ramsay's behavior, but also Lena, who did not intervene to avoid uncomfortable moment.

Then we will leave you with the cooperation of Gordon Ramsay and Sophie Vergar in the program Jay Leno. The sequence is in English and without subtitles.


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