Did Kel Calderon forget Pangal? The "Welcome" journalist would be his new applicant


27-year-old Kel Calderón is perhaps one of the most well-known faces of the country, in terms of "influenceSpeak up.

He recently celebrated his cover Cosmopolitan Magazine with his followers who have made sure that this is one of his own bigger dreams.

In this context, on the morning of 13 Bienvenidos, she called to talk about the topic, but this quickly turned into loving and included one of the journalists.

Journalist Roberto Cox was in the background and quickly began to torture him with Calderón and according to Raquel Argandoña, the communicator would be approved as a "son-in-law".

"35 years, mature, professional, traveled, independent … perfect (…) "Just what you need" what I said (Kelu)"He commented on the panelist program."

After a few jokes, Cox asked Rachel what the demands were for them to go out with their daughter, before which the panelist responded: "Be faithful, respect her, deal with her and with her." Tell me what kind of problem you have to give"He laughed at the studio."

Capture channel 13

But the true, involved in this controversy, Kel Calderón, he said that, unlike what most people represent, nobody invites you to leave and it's always very difficult to have appointments, which allows you to see a door open to the press.

Finally a psychiatrist Leon Cohen suggested that Roberto Cox give him a special conversation with Kel, who gladly agreed with Raquel and Tonka: "That's good," Argandoña said, while Tomičič said that "It's not a joke, do not walk"


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