DC confirmed its role in the opposition between the contested National Committee


The National Committee of Christian Democracy, which took place this Saturday at the headquarters of the Congress in Santiago, was marked by a number of controversies, both for internal political debate and for what constitutes a reform of party statutes.

At the end of the meeting, a political vote was adopted. ratifies the opposite role of the falange and the will to coordinate with other political forces, which confirms that the government of Sebastián Piñera has no ideas and actual projects for the country.

Nevertheless, during the day, some fighters protested with posters for political violence against women in DC.

Even after the word of the sailor Fuad Chahín, a The working group of the DC group showed before the hunto, who was accused of the exclusion at the meeting.

President of the Front, Jorge Conzálezcondemned the fact that "the frontiers of workers are undoubtedly outside the national committee for a year, and that this is the only example of resolution and reflection where all sectors of the party, in particular the social, autochthonous and workers' sectors, can contribute."

"Now, what the customer is doing is stopping this and us We will accuse this situation, because it is a political maneuver, I hope that there is no bad intention, but completely falsehe said.

The resolution of the Supreme Court of DC requires – according to one of the requirements Servel – the arrangement front; a reason explaining the alleged exclusion. However, they assured the Council that their representatives were at the meeting.

The National Secretary of DC, David MoralesHe said that "as any democratic party we understand the inconvenience that can exist." Not all attorneys are in a position to understand what is hidden behind each norm, this has been discussed with different fronts and departments, and they believe that the situation can be flexible to the old, which creates pressure.

"The problem is that we can not go beyond what we have already done", he condemned.

Also voting on the amendment to the statute was not without a dispute, since a large number of municipal and regional leaders were accused of not knowing the statutes.

Nonetheless, a change in these changes was adopted, which, by its basic nature, seeks to adapt various cases of internal participation.


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