Danilo Díaz, little giant Roja Sub 17


The Colo Colo flyer 1.57 meters had an exceptional participation in the team that reached the qualifications for the World Cup in Brazil.

Great wins and ranking Chilean team v South American under 17 in Peru. La Roja took the cards Brazilian World Cup and this Sunday you can dedicate yourself to the champion for the first time in history.

The key player in the Uruguay victory was Danilo Díaz. A small round of 1.57 meters entered the minute 55 when the red fell from 2-0.

His position in the center was crucial for the great return of the team Hernán Caputto.

Diaz's mother, Angélica Sepúlveda, spoke to the newspaper Las imltimas Noticias and said that the linker Colo Colo was close to the growth of hormone treatment by Lionel Messi.

"Short growth was not a problem, passed the exams and found that their growth was slower, in any case it could reach 1.68 meters." Sometimes he had a hormonal treatment, the same as Messiah sent, but he was already big, he was 14 years old and it's perfect to do it at 12., was confirmed by his ancestor.

Diaz, like the others, is preparing to play against Paraguay, the winner of the national competition and the defeat or draw of Argentina, will give Chile an unprecedented title.


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