Dak Prescott recognizes the error that marked the defeat for Cowboys


ARLINGTON, TX – It seemed as if Dallas Cowboys had a peaceful night in the first quarter until Dak Prescott intercepted. From that moment on everything has changed.

The arrival of Amari Cooper was positive because he entered the court, but Prescott looked so inaccurate as in the current and past seasons, and as such, it was all up to the game that ended 28-14 in favor of the Tennessee Titans.

"I forced the ball. Just like that," Prescott admitted that he had intercepted the passage he had suffered when he returned the double coverage to the last zone during the first period. "(Titans) added the players in front of me. At this point I should return the ball. I simply made a mistake by compelling the game.

"It was a difference, as simple as the opportunities that we dropped, our defense gave us balls, we had seven points, we pressed the ball and returned them immediately, that's a change of 14 points, they came out and came to touch. she was a 14 point game. Exactly, "he added.

Before the interception, Cowboys missed the match in their first series of matches in which they could move the ball with air and land.

Later, the situation entailed a questionable and predictable game and an offensive line that overcame Preskott and later Ezekiel Elliot despite the replacement of the assistant coach of the week.

"I did not expect it to be like this with a 3-5 mark at the moment," said Prescott. "It's tough, it's a disappointment, especially when we had a week without a game and where we should clear some of our mistakes. Before the start of the game, I felt good and ended with disappointment."

Kul Zeke & # 39;
Elliott started quickly and out of the yards. In the end, he finished his second consecutive game with no more than 100 yards and the fifth running season, too much for the competitor on which the Cowboys attack was to be based.

"We started hot, but at the beginning we started doing too much in the red zone," said Elliott. "It's hard to win games in the NFL if you do not hit the goal. We have to go back and see how we can fix it. We need to see how we are adapting in the second half of the year."

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Elliott added 31 of its 61 meters in the first quarter and added 14 more in the second period to the defense, which was completely dominated by the search line.

"We have to check the game," said Allan Pro Cowboys, Zack Martin. "We started well, but we went down. We need to be better. We have to use it when we get to the red zone, so we have to be in the game at all times."

Sean Lee, injured … again
Cowboys returnee line Sean Lee was injured in the blood in the third quarter and did not return to the match.

Lee missed three matches this year for the same injury, which left him five games last year.

"It's likely that (Lee) has been around for some time," said coach Jason Garrett. "Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch had to go out and play in his absence. Before that, they had to do it and it seems that the next games will come again."

There have been two defects against the Titans for the defense of Cowboys. This is the third time in the season to get so much supplies from the opposite team.

The Titans finished 11 out of 14 in the third seasonal redirects and had nearly 10 minutes more ball possession than Cowboys (34:26 minutes vs 25:34).


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