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"Today, due to the Coexistence Vial Act, the work has been unjustly removed." With these words, it is part of the rider's complaint, which was loaded yesterday because of the failure to observe the reflective vest, but Did the piece fit?

The victim was Cinthya Palma, a 20-year-old student who was detained, despite wearing a helmet and having lights on her bike.

The reason for this was the lack of a reflective waistcoat, despite the fact that his work was performed at 4:20 pm.

Assigned BBCL
Assigned BBCL

Upon the promulgation of the Law on the coexistence of modes, which aims at a balanced way of moving various means of transport, it is 18 months from the publication in the official newspaper of the modernization of new regulations.

Thus, during this time, Regulation 116 of 1988 laid down rules for the use of bicycles as a means of transport.

It sets out from the basics because "everyone who drives the bike must sit in the direction", to the use of reflective elements on wheels and drivers. In this connection, it recalls that:

"From half an hour after sunset to half an hour before departure and whenever required by weather conditions, drivers bicycles crossing on a public road should wear a vest, a belt or a belt that reflects ", states.

After sunrise and sunset, marking the clock of the east and sunset in Chile, yesterday the sun came at 6:34 am, while its sunset at 20.20. In this way, the use of a jacket according to the valid regulations was determined by 6 am.

Cynthia said in a conversation with BioBiochile that she told the carabiniere that the work was not suitable due to the timetable, which was ignored. During the journey he continues, joins, approached other uniformed men and told them what happened, and wondered if the part was properly performed.

According to the student, these carabiners admitted that the piece did not fit. He also found several riders without a pedal on his way.

As regards the "weather conditions" that are addressed in the regulations, the student was clearly highlighted It was the sun at the time of punishment.

Although Cynthia states that she knew that the use of the vest was not mandatory on a day, she came to examine the rules and confirmed that she was right and would therefore appeal to the court in question.

Assigned BBCL
Assigned BBCL

But this is not the first case. Other users have been charged with being unjustifiably violated. Considering that they asked the office supervisor from Twitter account to file a complaint "if they see that the part is being studied outside the legal requirements (not explicitly included in the law) or outside the norms".

The Ministry of Transport responded in response to the "applicable regulations on the use of bicycles as means of transport", which indicates the above.

Under the new regulations, riders who violate the penalties for offenses between 0.2 and 0.5 UTM, that is between $ 10,000 and $ 25,000 approximately.

From Carabineros, General Jorge Valenzuela explained that some inaccuracies can be registered with regard to customers as this is a period of adjustment of regulations.

"In this case, the authorities associated with these road safety areas may call and, as Carabineros, if there is an ambiguity in this regard, We urge you to correct this situation which are not in line with legal parameters, "he said.

In addition, he stressed that a young woman can punish her position before a judge who must evaluate these circumstances.


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