Crying from Channel 13 by Diana Bolocco Glamorama


Author: C. Z. / December 13, 2018

Diana Bolocco begins closing the cycle on Kanal 13. Yesterday were the last recordings of the Roulette of Luck program, the last room that animated the Luksic group signal before leaving the station.

Earlier in the day, La Mañana de Chilevisión Pamela Díaz unveiled WhatsApp, written by sister Cecilia Bolocco, explaining that her future is far from 13.

Pamela Díaz: "The only thing I can tell you is that in a chat, which is a very important automotive company, we send you all the greeting cards. And it gave you a text that I can read if you want …

"I should not have done this, they will shoot me. Look what they say there?" "Diana's private chat." So they see that I'm not lying (she shows the message). "They love me very much. Thank you for your words and good wishes. It was difficult days and mixed feelings. But I am happy with the new challenges! «».

And this Thursday, in the attackers, he gave more details about his business and even talked with Diana. Roberto van Cauvelaert, a panelist of space, described in detail how this moment was:

Roberto van Cauvelaert: "Yesterday, Diana Bolocco recorded her last three episodes of La Roulette. He was crying, he received publicity … The last chapter was over, Diana Bolocco was put down, the flowers were accepted, cried, embraced and everyone wanted their own good luck.

"There were photographs and tears, something normal after so many years of work. And he said," I am very happy and full of energy. ""

Finally, Diani joined the Intraners group outside of Channel 13. The interrupted voice fan reported the following:

Journalists Intruders: "How was your last day of recording?"

Diana Bolocco: "Good, I'm fine"

Journalists Intruders: "Can you confirm if you go to Mega or not?"

Bolocco: "I can not speak. I hope you understand me …

"It was a long, intense day, with a lot of emotion. I thank you for staying here until twelve to eleven in the evening at night and cold. What in the summer or in the spring? And no, no. I have no say

"There are many mixed feelings, but I can not tell you any words, no"

Journalists Intruders: "What do you feel?"

Bolocco: "Look at my face and notice …" – I'm looking at VIDEO-.


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