Craft fishermen cut the Roto 5 South: they declared "a war for a scourge"


"Wolverine", so craft fishermen from the Maule region were declared after the congress on Wednesday approved a new arrangement for fishing this mollusc. Among other things, mobilized workers have expressed fear that they will influence the method of the hand they use for their jobs. That is why this Friday at the height of the Maule bridge cut the southern route 5.

Their own passwords were made by craft fishermen from the bays of Pelluhue, Curanipe and Loanco, who crossed traffic through barricades and tires. All this in the context of the delivery of a written request that they intended to deliver to the purpose of this region.


"The government must understand that artisanal fishing will be mobilized with everything, against those who intend to continue to pursue the sea," he said. Third this Thursday Hernán Cortés, head of the National Association of Traditional Fishermen's Trade Unions in Chile (Fenaspar).

These words were repeated this Friday with barricades that delayed the travel of passenger cars and passenger buses that traveled north and south.


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