Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert will be the first titles by electronic arts


A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts He announced that the entire Command & Conquer franchise will be restored. The company is still in the air with excitement Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert will be the first games to be launched.

Real-time strategies will have all of their classic extensions like Covert Ops, Counterstrike and Aftermath along with remastered base games. Experience will be sent only to one basic price for video games and internal microtransactions will not be done to get more downloadable content. (Annotation: Electronic Arts it is known that it is one of the pioneering and strongest companies to place these payments in their video games, making some an error – see Star Wars Battlefront 2)

The original games were designed Westwood Studios, and now they will be treated Petroglyph Games with many workers from the original developer. Even the original composer of the saga, Frank Klepack, will also participate in the project.

The work has not started yet and Electronic art invites stakeholders to participate in Reddit or Twitter forums by submitting their wishes and some of the requirements they are looking for in new versions.

Command & Conquer It was released in 1995 and has three main headlines with various arguments. First, "Tiberian Dawn (Tiberian Dawn)" refers to the exploitation of a source called Tiberio from extraterrestrial origin that came to our planet with a meteorite. Despite the fact that it is an excellent raw material, tiberium is very toxic and could cause a global catastrophe, so the war between the donors and the UN is the main competition.

The second line is "Red Alert (red alert)", where Albert Einstein returns to the right time thanks to the chronosphere and escapes the Second World War by killing Hitler. But with a ballistic context with Germany, the Soviet Union would have carried out the Eurasian expansion in the so-called Great World War II.

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