Colo Colo receives O & # 39; Higgins in order to return to victory


Colo Colo will receive this Saturday from At 3:30 pm in Monumental, a O & # 39; Higgins de Rancagua z eighth date championship, a duel in which the albinos will try to recover from the backlog they suffered Coquimbo and press at the top of the table.

The team under the guidance Mario Salas before the pirates fall, they must add three, so as not to lose the imprint to the leader, the Spanish Union and her two companions, the Catholic University and the Union La Calera.

For the clash, the "master" will return to the rankings of four defenders and bet on Jorge Valdivia and Esteban Paredes as beginners.

According to Al Aire Libre, Salas was a training she had learned in her last practice Brayan Cortés; Felipe Campos, Matías Zaldivia, Julio Barroso, Cristian Gutiérrez; Gabriel Suazo, Esteban Pavez, Jorge Valdivia; Gabriel Costa, Pablo Mouche and Esteban Paredes.

The team, led by "Phantom" Marco Antonio Figueroa the fourth is and in the last three games he did not have a win, so he also comes in with pressure to return to victory and a good game.

The possible formation of "Capo de Provincia" will be with Miguel Pinto; Paulo Magalhaes, Albert Acevedo, Juan Fuentes, Roberto Cereceda; Tomás Alarcón, Matías Sepulveda, Ramón Fernández; José Luis Muñoz, Maximiliano Salas and David Salazar.

It will rule on the action Julio Bascuñán.

All the details of this commitment can be monitored by capturing Virtual Marker and radial transmission. t Outdoors in Cooperative.

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