Thursday , July 29 2021

Codelco is gradually continuing its activities, but Chuquicamata still has problems

The mining company most affected by the winter rainwater on the high plateau was Codelco, in particular its activity in the northern district, where there were no injured workers. However, yesterday the company was operating at full speed in order to return operations to normal. In this way, the public road connecting Calamo with Chuquicamato is already operational and has running traffic on an alternate road.

Cuprera reported that ministerial hales operations, Gabriele Mistral and Radomir Tomic are being carried out "in a relatively normal way with adequate reserves of climatic conditions (interruption in the mining plant)". In any case they emphasized that the plants are operating in the usual way.

In Chuquicamati, the facilities have drinking water supply and permanent and stable electricity, while the mining operation is in the process of re-operation. Of course, its concentration plant was still preparing the startup, while the management of the excavation and leaching of operations that affected rain and mud has not yet been enabled.

The situation in the Chuquicamat subterranean project is more complicated, as work is still being developed to restore electricity supply and reboot activities. Due to the collapse of the Campaign Vice President of the project, Codelco planned the early termination of a group of officials whose rooms were affected by the rain.

On the other hand, he said from Freeport Mining Company that El Abra was paralyzed "due to unusual weather conditions."

"Our focus was on the safety of people, the assessment of the damage caused by this situation, and the clear roads that enable us to securely access the facilities. We have no forecasts of re-launching operational activities, as adverse weather conditions are predicted in this area," they added.

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