CES 2019: The purpose of these robots is to eliminate human loneliness


Wall-E, Robocop, C-3PO and Bumblebee are the most popular robots thanks to the magic of cinema. Love for people to create and perfect these electromechanical systems that simulate human behavior does not stop, and on CES 2019, several companies were encouraged to present their robots.

A friend to hug

The Japanese company Groove X presented its robot with the name "Lovot". A small and gentle appliance strives to become a new companion for people and to fight the problem of loneliness.

The robot recognizes the voice and behavior of its owner for the help of artificial intelligence. Its usefulness for other tasks is null and is only pretending to give the company a user.

Samsung is launching its line of robots

The Korean company also took advantage of CES 2019 to present a whole range of robots whose main goal is to help people with day-to-day activities at home.

In this sense, Samsung is striving to massage these little friends, who could be an alternative to the care of the population, which is increasingly aging.

Some of the tasks that "Samsung Bot" can accomplish include help with taking medicines, musical therapy to control stress and anxiety, reviewing vital signs of users and receiving electronic payments, among others.

LG wants to help you in the kitchen

Another good robot, presented at the Las Vegas Technology Fair, is Cloi from LG. A small and friendly Android, its main task is to help users in the kitchen.

Cloi responds to the user's voice to help you cook from foods that are in the refrigerator.


The dog is three thousand dollars

Sony has returned one of its famous products in the late 90's. It's a robot dog Aibo, who has no other purpose than doing the same thing as a normal dog without worrying about feeding it or taking it for a walk.

Bot dog, is able to "see" thanks to the camera, which is placed in his nose and which allows him to recognize the environment. Aibo is able to create his own personality because of artificial intelligence.



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