Catholic University | Edson Puch is the third reinforcement of the crusaders


The former Chilean selector became the third accessory of the box for the pre-chord. Iquiqueño joins Juana Corne and Valbert Huerta.

After intensive negotiations and a close fight with Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile, Edson Puch became the third strengthening of the Católica University.

The former Chilean team comes from Gallosa Blancos de Querétaro, a team that added only a few minutes in the last semester. His passage, yes, belongs to Pachuca.

The word Iquiqueño, who always wanted to play for UC, was crucial during the final negotiations. In addition, the Crusaders drove the player with an international exhibition featuring Copa Libertadores.

Puch joins Juana Corne and Valbert Huerti, already presented in the Las Condes series.


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