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Case Catrillance: The prosecutor refuses to record videos against the police



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From 09:00 to Friday, in Ljubljana Collipulli Warranty Court, is formalized four carabinieri for the death of Camila Catrillanca.

Then an arrest warrant was issued Prosecutor of the case, Crisitán Paredes, will confirm the receipt of a ballistic survey conducted by investigative police (PDI) personnel. In addition, he ensured that they already have "concrete results of the investigation".


17:03 | "If I have a M4 shotgun and shoot him against a person, I can not know that I'm not attacking my life", assured the persecutor.

17:00 | After an hour and a half rest, the audience continues. The prosecutor is addressing the words Jorge Calderaza.

15:32 | The advocate is convinced that there is a possibility that both cabinets could respond to the attack, as the helicopter pilot who participated in the operation said: "We require precautionary measures of less intensity for both, in which case house arrest could be overnight"he explained.

15:16 | "It is impossible that the representatives have made me an obstacle to the attribution of justice ", assured the advocate.

15:01 | "The driver of the cell, in which the defendants left, said that he started to hit him and listen to how the spheres hit the body of the vehicle"says a defense attorney.

14:57 | "The Prosecutor's Office did not submit a ballistic report or history or a coincidence"Defense counsel said about the confrontational version, reiterating that four soldiers were attacked." We will find that they were attacked and occupied. "

14:44 | Alexander Schneider, defender of the former uniform, ensures that they do not cover the death of Camila Catrillanca.

14:35 | "The direction of the projectile is from the back, slightly from bottom to top, which is a direct effect," Saavedra says.

14:34 | Saavedra's lawyer: Mr Carlos Carlos Alarcón, in his latest statement, says he sees the driver's tractor at the time of the shooting and ensures that he has seen the mustache.

14:32 | A lawyer from a teenage family who was accompanied by Catrillanca, Sebastián Saavedra, remember the deaths of Alex Lemun, Jaime Mendoza Collío and Matías Catrileo.

14:09 | Nelson Miranda, an attorney for the Catrillance family, explains that the smaller witness was "the only one who spoke the truth".

14:06 | Lawyer of the Ombudsman, Juan Pavez Farias, points out that the freedom of the defendant constitutes a danger to the safety of the minor accompanying Camila Catrillanca.

13:42 | The a lawyer from the Institute of Human Rights, Gloria Painemilla, requires preventive detention of indictees and warns of the security of the investigation.

13:38 | Lawyer of the Ministry of the Interior: It is unacceptable that carabinieri "hide evidence, omit the circumstances and it does in escalation. "

13:33 | A formalization of four uniformed uniformed soldiers was introduced.

13:04 | The judge determines a 15-minute break for screaming inside the room.

13:03 | They interrupt the hearing of formalization by crying one of the people who were publicly in public.

13:01 | "Here is a shot that practically destroyed the head of a young man"says a lawyer representing the Ministry of the Interior, and dismisses the previous version of the confrontation.

12:57 | Lawyer Luis Hermosilla, a representative of the Ministry of the Interior, requires a preventive reservation for four former officers of Carabineros.

12:55 | Prosecutor Garrido highlights this The defendants threaten the security of society. "They have shown that their freedom constitutes a danger to the security of the investigation."

12:49 | "Obviously, they were here on behalf of a former uniformed lie since the beginning of the investigation"says the prosecutor Calderara.

12:40 | The prosecution reads the claim Ávila, who explained that at the time of the procedure, he did not have a memory card in the GoPro camera, the one that destroyed it and later dropped the bathroom.

12:34 | Calderara reads the statements of the detainees who ensured that they did not carry cameras during the process.

12:31 | The Fiscal Jorge Calderara explains that part of the Carabineros shows that Catrillan and his companion would cross into the fire. "What this police part confirms is not true"

12:22 | The fiscal Roberto Garrido explains that the attacks on officials began an hour after the death of Catrillance when they guarded the site of the event.

12:15 | The prosecution points out that "it is not reported that they have received firearms attacks, there is no reason to justify the use of firearms".

12:11 | Prosecutor Roberto Garrido shows video footage of officials who came to the former uniformed indictees. The video is Raúl Ávila, who wears the GoPro camera on his helmet.
Check out the video HERE.

12:06 | The complainant reiterates that "the victim had a direct impact on the head"and more than one shot was made.

12:01 | Showing one of the tests, the type of sphere that killed Camila Catrillanca. "The direction given to Mr. Camilo Catrillanca is a direct effect," the lawyer said.

11:59 | The Camilla Catrillanca family decides not to leave the courtroom after warning of sensitive images prepared by the public ministry and a judge in the case.

11:56 | The public ministry requests preventive reservation for the four defendants in the case. In addition, photographs and videos of the area where the death of the commonwealth occurred will be displayed. Families are informed that these are sensitive records.

11:54 | Walls the defendant Raúl Ávila charges that he has caused "serious damage to the public interest" by hiding and, consequently, the destruction of the memory card your GoPro cameras.

11:50 | The The existence of recordings that the defendant said they received "proved false", says the prosecutor Paredes.

11:48 | The prosecutor confirms this the shot that killed Catrillanca was chased by Carlos Alarcón Molina.

11:47 | Fiscal couples: Ávila Morales and Alarcón Molina, "without any circumstance or actions that justified it "have used their shooting weapons several times in the direction of the tractor in which Camilo Catrillanca was moving.

11:46 | The Fiscal Cristián Paredes notes that officials participated in an operation following an appeal for theft of three vehicles. "In addition to the service armament, the GoPro camera was installed in the Raúl Ávila Morales helmet."

11:43 | The judge confirms that the detention of four formerly uniformed were legitimate and continued with formalization.

11:30 | Camila Catrillanca's family members are in the hall for formalization.

11:18 | A defense lawyer requires that detention be declared unlawful four former Carabineros officials.

11:16 | Formalisation hearing of four former carabiniers arrested for death Camilo Catrillanca.

10:17 | Family Camilo Cartrillanca and members of the community hope that they will enter the formalization of four arrested for the death of a member of the community.

09:50 | Recess is set for 1 hour 15 minutes.

09:46 | The judge explains that former uniforms were charged with the following criminal offenses:

  • Patricio Sepúlveda Muñoz: Obstruction of justice
  • Carlos Alarcón Molina: Murder and Obstruction of Justice
  • Braulio Valenzuela Aránguiz: Obstruction of justice
  • Raúl Ávila Morales: Murder, obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence

09:38 | Father Camilla Catrillanca said that "they are concerned about this police protection, we are surrounded in the region, we do not want to be in this situation."

What we know

Mapuche comunero died on November 14 after receiving the ball in the head after Carabineros started the operation after receiving a an anonymous report on theft of vehicles in Temucuiti.

In the first version, The uniformed ensured that there were no audiovisual records of what happened because they did not have the time to install GoPro cameras. But later it was known that one of them destroyed the memory card because he and his partner should have compromised images.

Minister Chadwick explained that it will be uniformly formal murder, attempted murder, the destruction of evidence and the hindrance of justice.

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