Bungie separated from Activision and stayed with Destiny


Relationship between Bungie in Activision Since its inception in 2010, when they began to develop a popular one, it was not the best Fate, the relationship between companies has gradually deteriorated, to date, it has reached a turning point.

Through this statement, this Thursday Bungie posted his own final separation Activision, after years of disagreement and financial problems of the franchise Fate.

"With Activision, we created something special. To date Fate has offered a combination of over 50 million games and extensions to players from around the world. Most importantly, we witnessed an exceptional community that used tens of millions of carers Fate play together, create and share memories, and even do really great things that go beyond the game that we share in order to offer a positive impact on the everyday lives of people, "the study said.

Although no major problems are reported, and thanks to Activision for their time together, Bungie has ensured that they are in the process of maintaining the brand Fate under their own control.

"We know that desktop publishing will not be easy, We still have a lot to learn when growing as a global and independent studio, but in Destiny we see unlimited opportunities and opportunities. "This, because of the fact that it's Bungie necessary since the beginning of a larger company develop your ambitious idea.

However, this will not be the end of the franchise, as soon there will be news about what will happen in the future, and the company says it intends to continue to improve online experience.

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