Bungie breaks up with Activision and will take full control of Destiny


After eight years, two deliver Destiny and a number of extensions and content that did not convince all fans the same, Bungie announces the end of his collaboration with Activision. In fact, your first priority will be to take over all the rights to issue a franchise Fate.

The official website provided a statement in which they found out status and new goals as an independent study, thanks to the support of Activision, without which they could not handle the original vision.

Section yes, in which Activision will not interfere with the transition and this will keep the plan that was only published recently. But it does
his annual leaflet presented the worst side of the game.

Below you can read the official statement of Bungie.

When we first launched the partnership with Activision in 2010, the video game industry was in a very different place. As an independent study that attempted to build a new experience, we wanted the partner to be ready to take a big step of confidence with us. We had a vision of Destiny, which we believed, but for the beginning of a game of such size we needed the support of an established partner of the publisher.

With Activision we created something special. So far, Destiny has sold more than 50 million games and has joined extensions to players around the world. And most importantly, we are also witnessing an exceptional community, the ten million strong guardians who rise and receive Destiny to play together, create and share memories, and even make really great things that are much longer than the game that we share it. , to have a positive impact on the daily lives of people.

We enjoyed a successful eight-year career and we want to thank Activision for the partnership with Destiny. We are pleased to announce that Activision is planning to transfer the rights to the release of Destiny to Bungie. With our exceptional Destiny community we are ready to publish it ourselves, while Activision will focus more on its own licenses.

The planned transition process is already in the early stages, as Bungie and Activision committed themselves to ensuring the most complete transfer.

We have learned, listened, and leaned to the one that we believe our players want from the great experience of Destiny. Be sure this is even more. We will continue to fulfill the existing futures plan and hope that in the coming months we will begin to implement more seasonal experiences and surprise our community with some interesting notifications about what is coming.

Thank you very much for your continued support. Our success is largely due to the incredible community of players who have adorned our worlds with light and life. We know that desktop publishing will not be easy; We still have a lot to learn when growing as a global and independent studio, but in Destiny we see unlimited possibilities and opportunities. We know that new experiences are waiting for us in new worlds, full of secrets, adventures and hope. We hope you join us.

I'll see you in the stars.


What awaits us in the light of the future of Destiny? So, for those who have previously received the published content, they will receive, as planned. And they are outrageous.


It is still necessary to see how the game is integrated into battle.net after this move. But the future of the game will be in the hands of Bungie. Of course the doors are open Fate 2 appear on Steam … or Epic Games Store.


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