Broly is out of stock, but on Thursday they set off for sale


This Thursday, January 10, the same day as the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, there will be more Bip cards! for sale in Metro.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly opens this Thursday, January 10th, in all cinemas in Chile. And for this, Metro de Santiago sold it Wednesday 10,000 beeps! memory.

The issue is that such a hit was for celebrity cards that were sold out for some time. What more people asked if they left more games.

And Metro confirmed to Fayerwayer that this Thursday will be sold 8,000 units, for the price of $ 1,550 pesos.

In reality, when madness came, people sold the card up to $ 4,000 pesos.

They were happy people:

Another one that has become creative:

And the other one he did not like:

The sale of cards is at the outlets of Metro de Santiago, in particular line 1. Line 6 is not sold.

I WATCH stations that will be most sold here:

Line 1: Neptune Station, USACH Station, Ecuador Station

Line 2: Cemetery station, Patronato, Einstein, Dorsal

Line 5: Ricardo Cumming Station, Santa Ana Poniente, Lo Prado, Barrancas, del Sol.

Super Dragon Ball: Bro


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