Biobio reveals two cases of measles-infected measles


One Mom The Venezuelan woman is 32 years old and her son 6 months, the inhabitants of the Province of Concepción are the first two examples imported measles registered in the Biobío region, reports Seremi de Salud.

You two patients join 7 more cases disease, located in the Metropolitan region. They all correspond to the same outbreak imported on the bus that arrived in Santiago from Arice in mid-November.

The woman was fired at her home because she did not represent any seriousness while the infant was admitted to the hospital. Regional Hospital Concepción, reports Radio Bío Bío.

In addition, the health authority blocked seven other people who had contacts with his mother and her son to confirm or exclude the infection.

How is this disease prevented?

The disease is prevented by vaccination. In Chile, the vaccine is part of the mandatory vaccination schedule and is performed after 12 months and in the first grade.

Since 1992, periodic vaccination campaigns (every 5 years) have been carried out in order to strengthen the immunity of children.

What is the status of the infection in Chile?

In Chile, this disease was eliminated more than 20 years ago, thanks to the inclusion of the vaccine in the national immunization program. The epidemic outbreaks that we have had since then are the result of the entry of passengers who have become ill in other countries.

Why did we have measles in our country?

The measles outbreaks are caused by people who have their incomplete vaccination scheme and travel to countries where the virus is circulating, and are therefore more susceptible to the conclusion of the disease.


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