Banks say that there are limited remote service channels for businesses after a cyber security alert


Abif stated that after the discovery of a computer virus in the communication system, the bank-companies contacted the clients and monitored the issue throughout the weekend.

Following a cyber security warning issued yesterday by the supervisory board of banks and financial institutions (Sbif) and the Ministry of the Interior, the presence of malicious software or a computer virus in computer systems, by which banks maintain communication with some of their clients in the corporate segment, The Bank Association (Abif) issued a statement to ensure that they are monitoring the situation.

In a letter, President Abif, Segismundo Schulin-Zeuthen, said that in order to maintain the quality of services and user safety, it is banks "have decided to temporarily and preventively restrict access to remote service channels for businesses".

At the detected malware, the trade union stated that the banking entities turn to customers to alert them to the situation.

Finally, this was claimed by Schulin-Zeuthen "the bank will continue to monitor during the weekend this event and will maintain coordination and communication with the regulatory and governmental authorities.

Last night, the bank's advice was reported to be after the discovery of malware "Some banks have temporarily and preventively blocked customer accounts, but in some cases they have interrupted the functioning of the platform through which they serve the segment."

The regulator also recommended to those who manage the bank accounts of the company's segment an overview of transactions and balances in order to determine the existence of any suspicious movements, in this case, you must immediately notify your bank.

In parallel, the Ministry of the Interior also issued a cyber security alert through the Computer Emergency Response Team (CSIRT). "On the basis of the information received from internal sources, the state of alert on cyber security to the incident has been identified that affects the relevant sectors of the economy."

Because of the above, appropriate protocols have been activated, which include blocking the accounts with the origin or destination of the following website and IP address:


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