Banks are forced to cancel remote channels after an alert for malware in cyber security


Following the cybersecurity warning issued last night, the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (Abif) said that as a preventive measure, remote access to customers in the corporate segment would be removed.

President Abif, Segismundo Schulin-Zeuthen, confirmed this morning that "in order to maintain the quality of the services and the security of their customers, they have decided to temporarily and preventively restrict access to remote service systems for companies".

He added that banks contact their business customers to alert them to the situation. The Bank will continue to monitor the event during the weekends and will maintain coordination and communication with the regulatory authority.

On Friday, the Bank and Financial Institutions Supervisor (Sbif) reported that banks received reports of the presence of malicious software (malware) in the computer systems of some customers in the corporate segment.

As mentioned by SBIF, some of the financial entities previously "temporarily and preventively blocked the accounts of the clients of the company, and in some cases terminated the operation of the platform through which they serve the segment."

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