BancoEstado reported the elimination of one of the costs associated with CuentaRut


The financial institution took a step after the House of Representatives in December 2018 initiated a project that seeks to complete the entire collection by consulting with balances, cartels and drafts related to the bank account.

Users of CuentaRut should have more than clear. When he was transferring money to the cash register, checking the balance or cartels and even transferring, these operations had an additional payment.

Today, it seems that the days of these accusations are over, as in December last year, the Chamber of Deputies adopted a resolution that seeks to eliminate such collections.

BancoEstado made a step in accordance with the resolution and reported in October 2018 the abolition of a fee of $ 100 to investigate the situation at all cashiers, buzzers and dispensers, as confirmed by the BioBío official.

Nevertheless, the benefit does not take place at the ATMs of other banking institutions.

According to UDI deputy Nicolás Noman, this measure is difficult to repeat in other cases, such as a $ 300 discount on cash transfers to ATMs, as the state would stop receiving nearly 50 billion pesos if it remedied this accusation.

Of course, the MP added that they are evaluating new ways to improve the functioning of a popular account, along with the progression of its features and the use of CuentaRUT as a Visa debit card.


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