Banco Estado will reduce the cost of Rut account at ATMs of the same bank


In December, Banco Estado launched a pilot plan in five branches to introduce new tariffs for the use of the Rut account.

As reported by La Tercera, the Director of Communications and Sustainability of the Banking Agent Jonás Preller explained that the intention of the customers of this account is to offer an alternative tariff plan that privileges using the Banco Estado channels such as ATM and Caja Vecina.

More specifically, the cost of transferring money to the Banco Estado or Caja Vecina ATM will be reduced from $ 300 to $ 200, while the same operation was carried out at the counter of another bank will rise from the current $ 300 to $ 480.

In addition, the balance is a query, at ATMs and self-service Banco Estado there will be no more cost (USD 100 will have to be paid for each query at this time).

The process will be extended to all regions of the country in the coming months and will include the integration of chips into client cards so that they can perform national and international purchases.

It should be noted that in December last year, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution with 141 votes in favor and 4 abstentions, requiring the Ministry of Finance to request the state bank to stop charging fees, money orders and changing the card. Rut accounts.

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