Banco Estado has lowered one hundred pesos to giro and Cuenta Rut will have a chip for international transactions


On Thursday, January 10, the state bank announced some changes in the draft policy and the modernization of the Rut plastic account.

Banco Estado confirmed on Thursday, January 10th, that the number of ATMs for $ 100 pesos will be reduced, if they are used by those who own the company. Neighborhood Fund.

Thus, the price per meal will be reduced from $ 300 to $ 200 pesos, while raising money at ATMs of other banks will cost $ 480.

It was also announced that the investigation of the situation at the ATMs of banks and self-service shops would be carried out without costs.

What happened to the seven

Another novelty that has been announced is that they will have a Rut account and associated cards integrated chip for safer transactions.

You can also make payments using Visa Rut account international services such as Spotify and Netflix.

It is estimated that by the end of March this technological integration will be available in white equipment throughout Chile.


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