Baleado Minor explained the source of his arguments with his son Nicola Moreno: a detailed day of the Novice attack


This Thursday was a young shot at Las Condes, aged 16, gave a TVN interview in the morning, Good morning, where he gave information about his history of quarreling with his son Nicole Moreno of the same age.

In this context, he said that his first meeting at McDonald's was where the son of the model would persistently look at him.

"I was eating with two friends and for the first time looking at me with a mess with three friends. I said to my friend, "Why are you looking at me so ugly?" And then he went with six friends and continued to watch me. I finished eating and went out and asked him why he looked so ugly and told me not to get too close because I had a glove.He said

"I remember that I was approaching, but they separated us from the arrow because he pulled out his hand and we left". As for this bad wave, he thinks that Nicolin's son thought that between him and his explolus would be more than a friend.

"She's a friend, I used to hang out with a cousin, so we called each other, so everyone said I was a cousin, not a cousin."he explained.

"Secondly, when we met with General Blanch, on the observatory, when I was with a friend, he came and greeted him and my friend said" but I'm not alone "and he said" but this heuon me bad "I said," how are you breathing? "He said," but if you have a bad thing, look at how you say, "I said" look, how did you talk to me first? There my friend said that the New Year, we start with the second year and he said it
"Smear a new account" and he shook my hand "
he remembered.

"Then his friend came in that night and I remember telling him that I was here and that I was beaten, but since I was with a friend and I know him, he did not let me hit me and we went to the shot because there were many "he said.

On the day he was shot, he recalled that Nicolin's son repeatedly insisted that he go with him, but that he refused, and claimed that he had not met people who "I was bad".

"First I said no, but when he told me that from the house of my neighbors, in order not to come to my house, they shot me, but he was waiting for me. I've grabbed another friend., they would surprise him while waiting to be alone.

"There I think they dropped the gun to my friend, they opened the door and this happened.he revealed.

"It was (a gun), but there were more people in the car." I saw five men and a woman. She was a woman above the man, and I went out to the workshop and said, "Is it Sami?" A big person asks him and says "yes, it is" and opens the door and starts firing, "" big person "You would shoot him, even if he does not know his identity.

"At first I get the first shot, but it sounded very slowly and I thought it was foguero, then I started listening and I was running away, I was shooting, I went to the house and said" it's empty "I picked up The shirt had a hole I lost consciousness, so I have an egg here because I think I hit here (in the head) ", he showed.

It should be noted that the interview was approved by his parents and that he was made with all legal guarantees because he is a minor.


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