Authors who wrote several books, such as the 30 recommendations of Marie Kondo


Since 2011 Marie Kondo has been publishing successful home-made books since 2011, and since January, she has also been seen on Netflix. The video platform has released a series of eight chapters in which Kondo goes to disordered houses in order to restore peace and harmony through order. Among the measures that an expert needs to balance at home is to get rid of everything that is not necessary or makes us happy, which includes collections of records or books. He says he has only 30 books at home. To fulfill it, there are writers who can not have their work.

These "30 Books" Marie Kondo were one of the most commented aspects of the program on social networks. Only in the last 8 January, the words "30 books" appeared in more than 1,500 Tweets, according to the Digimind measuring tool. Many of them state that leaving alone with 30 works at home would be almost impossible.

If we stick to the average of our country, there are only 30 books. According to the report Reading habits and purchasing books in Spain 2017, 42% Spaniards have between 20 and 100 books in their homes – without considering those in the text – and 34% have more than 100 books. In addition, we read an average of 13 books per year, so that the average Spaniard, if bought, had too many books (according to Marie Kondo's criteria) in just over two years.

If we had only 30 books at home, some writers could not maintain their bibliography. CorĂ­n Tellado (Ambitions, I never scared you …), for example, wrote more than 4,000 books. The library would need more than 3,970 rooms. Other current ones, such as children writers Jordi Sierra and Fabra (Fields of berries, t Murder of a language teacher…), you need about 370. Here you can see these and other examples of writers who should draw an e-book to have a canon of Marie Kondo's house.

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