Sunday , August 1 2021

"Artistic and Cultural Quality": The Ministry of Culture sponsored the play by Patricia Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña

Show "Inexcusable" Patricia Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña continue in the polemic after a funeral in Llolla a group of protesters who refused public legitimacy despite public support and eligibility of August Pinochet military dictatorship.

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The request for transparency was called upon by the Ministry of Culture to know whether there are public funds for this exhibition. The ministry confirmed that there was no financing, but the exhibition was welcome benefits due to the exemption from tax for the sponsorship of Seremi de Cultura de Valparaíso.

The spectacle Pinochetistas Argandoña and Maldonado received Seremi's support in order not to pay taxes on the sale of tickets due to their "Artistic and cultural quality", which is one of the reasons that Seremi must recognize that he is sponsoring.

The patronage of Seremi de Cultura de Valparaíso is for four presentations exhibitions in San Antonio (2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd February) and take place at Establecimientos Providencia, whose owners, Sergio Cáceres and Carlos Rojas, attempted in 2017 to close a shelter for women suffering from domestic violence families because they are "unlawful" in their neighborhood.

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