"Arias was normal, Kudelka called me in October"


Sergio Vittor, 29, says he worked well in the classics. With the Independiente shirt, the club where he was born, he met Racin seven times; while he played with the Academy four times against Red. This will be his first university classics. "I like the classic, they are special, different, new. I'm worried I want to play all matches, but there are more," she says in an interview with Third.

Do they play more intensely?

I do not know if with greater intensity, but with another concentration. You have to be with all your feelings as many as ten percent of the attention, because any error can cause a disaster.

Would it be disastrous to start losing the UC due to the error?

Yes, of course, but never forget that if you leave, you will have many minutes to get it out. We will go with our work and with our approach to try to save him, because we have the weapon for his victory, to give us three points against a hard rival.

What overcomes U to win?

We have a zero error rate. When this happens, you need to be the most concentrated. These are the situations that lived and that I lived in other clubs … before the minimal error, they change you and have ten options for the goal, you can not convert. Competitors are numbers against us. Then it's all work, a positive mindset to believe in ideas, into a group, to what it will come out.

What's happening wrong?

What does not work out is a definition, that's clear. In the last match we corrected the situations that Antofagasta created. La Calera did not create any opportunity except one or the other center Larrondo Kimal, uncomfortable because we marked it. These last games against the Universidad de Concepción have not been found in the last match. We always had control, but unfortunately we finished drawing.

Did the fireworks deconcentrate them?

No, it's not a deconcentration, no excuse, not at all. There comes a corner of the play, in which we had to press high and pressed strongly. Only the one who kicked it was very accurate and the one who nodded gave the ball to the only part where he could cross. Nothing for Johnny. Damn, but I do not think people are decentralized.

Is there fear?

Mood is good. There is a desire to move it forward. Weekly classics are beautiful. There is a real fear, but it's a desire to play. They will only be public. This is a very important challenge.

Is U weakness that its fans are not?

Damage, but there are laws and consequences are those that do not accompany us. It's a shame for people who can not enjoy this show.

Are they waiting for the UC head to defeat Libertad?

I do not know if I'll bow. They are hierarchical players who are accustomed to such results. You also need to understand that the championship is completely separate from the cup, and that the championship is very convenient.

What's the worst you care about the crusaders?

More than concern, care must be taken of the fact that they have very complicated individualities. Sometimes they are solved by individuals, such as Puch, Sacha Sáez, Buonanotte and Fuenzalida. Sometimes they do not have great games, but they help individuality.

Is it a reward for you to face UC after losing 2018 with Campanile?

No, not at all. It's another thing, another club, another reality. U. de Conce's goal was to enter Copa Sudamericana and is now in Libertadores.

He was companion of Aued in Racing, is this the key to Catholicism?

He's a great player. It stands out a lot for your game, for design and use. It's important for Catholics. You need to try to interrupt and play fast because it is quick to recover. You have to reduce this highly connected game that you have in the middle of the playground. We'll monitor it well.

Is the exit from Kudelka and the rapid arrival of Arya surpassed?

Yes, we turned away. I am grateful to Frank and his coaching staff because, because of what I did in U. de Conce and to those who watched me, I am here. What went wrong was what happened to Arias. But that was normal; Kudelka called me in October to come here and nobody took it as a lack of respect for Vilches or Jara who were playing. The leaders knew that Frank would retire and that they must have Plan B. You do not have to give that much importance.

As the former competitor, Marcelo Díaz was the best in the team?

Some of the Chileans who succeeded in Argentina, and Marcelo Diaz, who was fifth, or our six, and was the best central midfielder of the tournament. This speaks of being a very winning player. My former colleagues are discussing what they do in court. This was one of the keys, such as Gabriel Arias and Lisandro López.

Is it a red win?

As a gamer, yes, absolutely. This is a very important loss.


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