Approaching between Raquel Argandoña and Pancho Saavedro after a blind ear


More than a month ago, there was a dispute with Raquel Argandoña and Francisco Saavedro in this edition of Sin Límite. they said.

Recall that Argandoña announced in the radio that Francisco Saavedra and his partner had concluded a civil union contract at an intimate ceremony. The statements were triggered by a series of criticisms by Lugares Que Hablan's driver, who never opened up to talk to reporters about his private life.

It was a Twitter user who called Argandoño to say "if so, Pancho Saavedra is the one who is responsible for telling him not for another person. This is a topic and I do not think it was good with good intentions either. "

There she sent Saavedra, who told the woman that "you know well that I'm doing the news for my work and not for my private life, that's something that is not sold." karma and when someone throws a poison in his mouth, life takes care of giving him where it hurts most, "he added.

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