applications for linking beards, Christians, haters and others


Tinder is a practically ubiquitous application in smartphones of individuals (and single women) of the Western world, at least those who live in more or less large cities. Brands and products have almost become synonymous with tissues and paper napkins or paper Albal and silver paper.

However, there are many more applications and sites that offer a similar service. And do not mention popular products such as Meetic, Grindr, First Dates, or Juan Y Medio (or Jesús Puente's if you're a little old), no, in this article we will review some of the most typical of their special character. We'll bring you in particular 11 apps and websites flirting for very specific audiences.


Tinder Sweatt

For whom? For fans in the gym.

I thought they were gymnastics per se space for flirting, but it seems to be people who take this exercise very seriously. For them, this application (just for now for iOS), called Sweatt, in which you upload some photos, answered some questions about your physical activity (when do you train? How many days of the week? What are your favorite exercises?) And the application it returns something matches very athletic, with which you can immediately start chatting. What joined the predominant, which does not separate the person.

It's free, but when a app is installed, you type a kind waiting list.


Tinder Bristlr

For whom? For bearded and bearded by lovers.

Crest beard. How do you stay? A determined John Kershaw started Bristlr in 2014 as a joke and still lives with him and more than 150,000 users they use this service through their Android and iOS apps or their site in more than 100 cities, including several Spanish cities, such as Madrid (although there are not too many users in these works). Sancho things, Sancho.

Free with one premium subscription £ 4 per month. In this premium subscription comes, for example, Chat with another person if this person did not give you the same So, if you want to take advantage of the application, it's better to pay for it, because if you do not, just a bit more than appreciating beards that you can do, young but bearded padawan.

Note: In my village, the boy protagonist of the video on these lines was named the entire life button without a beard.

The mouse is steaming

Tinder Mouse

For whom? For Disney lovers (and Star Wars and Marvel).

According to a study published in Psychological Science, those couples sharing flavors last longer than those who do not. It may seem that this is some reality, but it is a study. And to collect people with similar tastes goes Mouse Mingle, the app for Android and the web where match of Disney fans so they can dress as their favorite characters, sing Disney songs in different karaoke, discuss if Tito Walt is cryogenized and / or was from Almeria or traveled to all Disney parks that have this budget.

A free service expanding on Star Wars and Marvel … and now that Disney bought Fox, you would not be surprised if you followed the expansion with the Avantar or the Simpsons, or what I know.

Christian Mingle

Tinder Christian

For whom? For Christians.

For many, Disney is a religion. And if Tito Walt's adherents ask for a partner, they will not be less followers of Jesus Christ, there would be more. Founded in 2001 and with more than 19 million users around the world, Christian Mingle It allows discrimination of Christian religions (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox …), offers premium payment services and applications for Android and iOS.

I was disappointed that there was no mass music (or at least "I love Laura"), but was compensated with his memorable word: "At Christian Mingle we believe that a relationship centered on God is worth waiting, registering today, and connecting with other individual Christians who believe. Allelujah!


Tinder Jswipe

For whom? For millennial Jews.

And for Christians in general for thousands of Jews. JDate already existed, but in 2014 this JSwipe appeared, which it already has More than a million users between Android and iOS applications and claims that it is "dating service number 1 among the Jews". I think Woody Allen has become older, but in his time I see him as a VIP user of this service.

The application is free of charge in both operating systems, but it does Various Premium packages for what you can rent "facilitate" your match from 5 dollars forward


Tinder Luxy

For whom? For rich and powerful people.

The "baking without poor people" or, as his slogan says: "High-Level Dating Application 1". Luxy is the ideal place for new rich, young heirs (and heirs) and / or entrepreneurs with good funding to find their ideal partner without a mob, a mafia.

In such a monument to classism your profile is visible the rest will have a photo, your name, your gender, residence, and the money you have. Truth (and steam) in front of us.

Tinder Paris

Interestingly, this is a free service (with a premium subscription called Luxy BLACK (Rodrigo Rato likes) for $ 13), but you need to prove that you have more than $ 200,000 for your access request that you want to accept. Calderilla

Ski souls

Tinder Ski

For whom? For rich and powerful people … who love to ski.

It is still a prejudice, deeply rooted in Spanish folk imagination, thanks to the mythical Duo Baqueira on Tuesdays and Thirteen Skiing is for the rich. However, initiatives such as ski souls do not help eliminate this prejudice: they are essentially like cruising for single ones, but changing cruises through excursions to the snow to satisfy other demanding individuals and with a protective suitcase while you go to a chairlift and descend without killing you.

Created one of the most popular Tinder clones in the United States, The League, Ski Souls offers packages of around $ 1,500 now for Alberto Tombe's candidates in search of love.

Nice people

Tinder Beautiful

For whom? For beautiful and beautiful.

The proverb says this "lucky ugly, beautiful wishes". Well, in order to meet the happiness of the beautiful with supposedly nasty (I have to be a nice cloth), Beaufitul People.

To access this online version (web and Android and iOS applications) "Women, Men and vice versa", born in Denmark in 2001 and who has More than a million users, you need to upload your photos and let the community vote positively. Do you remember the Sexy or No website from the beginning of the century? Well, that's it.

To access most features (including chat with other beauties), you need to pay a subscription. Nice people are proud of it helped more than 700 spouses. Certainly there were some pictures of divine marriages.


Tinder Hater

For whom? For people who hate.

We do not know any study to show this, but if couples who like the same thing last longer, the obvious captain tells us that it is more than likely that the same thing will happen with couples who hate the same. From here he was born (with the recognition of the popular television show "Shark Tank"). People with pre-emptive minds make their creators.

When you download an app (both for iOS and Android) and install it, you need to complete a fairly simple profile (name, age, gender, and gender of people you want to know), enable geolocation, upload some photos, and go directly to nougat: Based on the swipes you have to decide whether you hate (left) or love (right) different people, animals or things which you represent on the screen. The more you vote, the more recommendations will be made to the application.

Recommendations, by the way, with which you can communicate immediately, but with a limit of only 2 per day. There are no premium plans neither payment function nor advertising. It does not appear that there are too many users in Spain as well.

But if you are a Hater, you decide to install the application and state that you hate the lens, people wearing umbrellas, go under the arcade, when it rains, drives, people who greet you with a blow on your shoulder, fruit like dessert or David Bisbal, came as one of the possible matches with a high percentage of affinity. Write me Truly

The taste of sugar

For whom? For people with the same good / bad musical taste.

Imagine that you met a person in Tinder, who appears to be. The first day is cool. There is another one that goes better. And it's writing to you "Hey, do you force them to come to Ozuna?". Fight the worst, but try to find other options: the same applies to Osuno, the fashionable Seville city, which is Mereen in the game of thrill games or Osasuna, the historic soccer club Pamplonica. No one convinces you, so after a long time there are several prudent questions: "Ozuna is reggetonero?".


It was nice when it lasted. So that this does not happen is Tastebuds, a meeting service for people (and what happens) based on musical tastes. Some flavors that you can cut on your hand or synchronize Spotify or accounts. It only has an iOS app, but it's a promising service.

Tied 2

Tinder Kanye

For whom? For Lovers of Kanye West.

The app was previously known for its much more descriptive Yeezy Fans Dating This is a great way to complete this article: dating service for fans g. Kanye West, Napoleon Hip-Hop, Leonardo da Vinci of our generation. Flirting application where you will find it harder to get to know Taylor Swift.

It started out as a simple telegram channel and now, with the change of name on Bounce 2, it wants to expand and be a space for meetings and twinning for the entire hip-hop community. It's logical, Kanye himself would do it.

PS: It's really not a joke, this Jeezy Fans Dating is real and there are people who are not afraid of anything that's been trying.


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