Apex Legends has become a free game with the most successful launch


Battle Royale EA and Respawn Entertainment continue to show their great popularity.

Apex Legends had a spectacular start and, despite the relatively calm forecast, many players quickly reached.

Less than eight hours after departure, it had more than a million users, and earlier this month, it was announced that it had already exceeded 50 million players, which underlined that it had reached a quarter of the time. what Fortney suffered.

The most successful start

In addition to having the most played titles, Apex Legends is also very successful in revenue through digital transactions.

According to information published by SuperData Research (over PCGamesN), Apex Legends managed to raise $ 92 million in February, making it a game just playing with the most successful history.

Interesting is the fact that even in this issue, Respawn Entertainment did not manage to take on the highest positions of monthly income.

As you can see in the table below, Apex Legends ranked sixth on the computer at Fortney, and on the consoles the fourth place was also for Fortune and even for the anthem, even though the latter was sold at a regular price.


Apex Legends had an excellent strategy to achieve these numbers, in fact, he said that EA paid $ 1 million to Ninji to play this title, which recently started the Wild Frontier season.


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