Antonella Ríos showed the physical evolution she had when she felt "uncomfortable" with her body Social Networks


For a while, Antonella Ríos explained in her social networks that she chose a healthy life. At the end of strict eating and exercise plans, the actress had an incredible result and is reflected in her apparent physical change.

That's why Antonella decided to count on her Instagram how she was this year since she decided to start this new process, which began in 2016, as soon as she was born the youngest son.

"Three moments of change." They ask me what I did to lose weight; How and how many pounds did I let? For all these questions I have only one answer. Are you satisfied with your body? If so, everything is perfect, I was not., he left and told Antonello.

As the actress put it, she felt her heavy body at the time, her knees hurt from the weight she had, and could not sleep.



"I went through a period that bothered me a lot, but I do not want to do anything about this, I just complained that I was more fat. When I stopped complaining and started to really" work ", act, I started looking for results", Rios added, adding that he began to consult with nutritionists and personal trainers.

Since then, he has left carbohydrates, flour, drinks, sweets and alcohol. It started with speeds and weights, and the results came into force. In three years Antonella lost her weight and began to shape her figure, but more importantly, she made a complete change of life.

"I was always advised, because I am not a specialist; I challenged only a change from MY LOVING and the belief that I will be able to make progress on this path of transformation., Antonella Ríos closed, along with the explanation of the process of change that was shown in the photo she shared.

"In the first photo there are months after my son (after childbirth and breastfeeding), others when I lost a little more weight and the third is now where I understood that the exercise is fundamental, finished.


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