Angie Jibaja struck her followers with a new and daring tattoo: she did it on the face of Social Networks


One of the most controversial execks of reality that went through Chile is without a doubt Angie Jibaja.

The Peruvian model appeared in various scandals during its co-operation Double Temptation next to his squire, Felipe Lasso.

Almost two years passed from the end of a reality TV show, and Angie's life outside television was marked by rises and falls.

One of the last disputes took place at the end of December when he sent very depressing message in social networks and this has aroused the concern of his followers.

"I hope it is not the last time they see me, and – if I get out of this – they can usually see" me ": a warrior who continues to search for his dreams. I hope this time is very difficult. I'm too sorry, reports the model, according to Peru's La República portal.

Since then, Jibaja has moved away from the networks. After the new year, her recordings began to circulate at a party where she stated that she was "Addicted and crazy", which caused a new scandal.

And that very Monday, some publications in his Instagram Stories surprised his followers because He showed up with a tattoo on his face.

She appears in the video with her mother, and we can see that the tattoo is a form, but we can not see what she says. It is also not known whether it is temporary or permanent.

Lastly, Angie was much happier in the second, and she admitted that her mother went to help. And my mom saved me. Mother, only one is, I have my own and she is the best. I love you, my mom! "he wrote.

Angie Jibaja | Instagram

Angie Jibaja | Instagram


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