Ángela Ponce: "I put a discussion on a table that was never spoken of"


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Representative Spain in the competition Miss Universe, Ángela Ponce, referred to her condition as transgender during the first match of the competition, which took place on Thursday, December 13, 2018.

Ponce talked about what it means to be in it beauty contest: "I discussed a topic on a table that was never spoken of, which was supposed to be a transgender person, there was no information, there was no talk about this subject, and I believe that I was able to be a voice and was able – In a way in order to think society and to activate a little the conscience of people in relation to my reality is something I take. "

Miss Spain attracted attention because it was the first transgender with whom it participated Miss Universe. In 2012, the party was canceled for the competitors of the Trans community at the beauty contest and since then Ángela Ponce is the first participant.

Ponce was in the middle of a controversy when he was Valeria Morales, Miss Colombia, she said that "the queen of beauty, such as Miss Universe, is dedicated to women who are born of women." According to Morales, Miss Spain She asked for respect for her own and for the representative's opinion Colombia and he said that I would like to meet her.

Ángela Ponce is among the favorite candidates who won the crown Miss Universe in Virginia Limongi, an Ecuadorian representative, also appears on the list, ranked 13th out of 18 favorites.

The final gala Miss Universe will be on Sunday, December 16, in Bangkok, Thailandat 7:00


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