American actress Sandra Locke died at the age of 74 Society


Sondra Locke, An American actress nominated for Oscar for her first role in the film "Heart is a solitary hunter" from 1968, On November 3 he died of heart failure resulting from breast cancer and bone cancerAccording to the death certificate obtained by The Associated Press.

Although his death was quickly communicated to California authorities, was not published until the Radar Online web site was notified on Thursday for the first time It's not known why almost six weeks have passed, reports El PaĆ­s.

The artist was known for six films with which he made Clint Eastwoodwith whom he had a 13-year relationship– from the western "The Outlaw Josey Wales" in 1976. The last was "Sudden Impact" by detective Harry Dirty in 1983.

That was his first tape. "I've never been in line," Variety said in 1978, "but it was at home." In 1976, he decided in his career that Eastwood's partner in The Fugitive was Josey Wales.

His relationship with Eastwood was marked by controversy. He survived two rafts and ligged his pipes during the duration of the romance, which ended with disputes in the courts.


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