Alexis Sánchez shared with children from a children's home and surprised them with several gifts


This year in 2018 was a difficult year Alexis Sánchez in sports, because he was full of questions about his work in his team Manchester United. But do not forget. Those who grew up, surrounded by deprivation and which now capture the glory and life of luxury, are again surprised by their social work those who most need little hope in their future.

This Thursday was the attacker of the Chilean national team children's village "Los Amigos ", in Peñaflor and took children who live in toys, new shoes, an invitation to play football in their sports complex, and a promise to send them to repair a group of addictions that do not work in order to enjoy the summer.

"Maravilla" has also spent its time advising the children and reminding them that they should not afford such things as smoking or drinking. It was there that an anecdote occurred, because one of the children unequivocally asked how Arturo Vidal Yes, he drank alcohol, to which Sanchez replied, with the laughter of those present, that he was "already big".

Look at the funny moment between the kid and Alexis.


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