Activists criticize Minister Santelices for combating HIV / AIDS: they demand that the initiative be directed to the center of National


In the presentation of the new phase in the HIV campaign, prepared by the Ministry of Health, several organizations of sexual diversity criticized the owner of the Emilio Santelices branch to request initiative.

Groups have applied for action focus on the homosexual and transgender population, because they said that the virus is present as "Pandemic".

According to a survey on the love, sexual and erotic behavior of men who have sex with men at the Ministry of Health, one of five gay youths does not use a condom in relationships and 6% are carriers of HIV in the metropolitan region.

Fernando Muñoz, a spokeswoman for the Sexual Diversity Movement, criticized the campaign not to focus on this group of people. In the meantime, the director of public management, Gay Action, Marco Becerra, did not fulfill in some government promises.

The activists met with Minister Santelices in this activity, which took place in the Museum of Fine Arts, from where the State Secretary to leave accompanied with the back door.

Prior to that, he advocated an advocacy campaign with numbers: in his words, 220 adolescents with a reactive HIV virus have been identified in the last two and a half months.

In order for the rapid tests to be carried out at clinics that the HIV plan had not yet been presented, there are some promises that, according to these organizations, the government failed to meet.

President of the Medical School, Izkia Siches, public policy there is no regression in the case of infected people.

Diego Rios, a spokesman for the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh), has been invited to join the campaign, which accompanies the executive in the initiative.

The new phase of the campaign will take into account travel mobile units of the Ministry of Health take quick tests in the country's tourist resorts, such as some beaches, a measure that will last until the end of January.

The idea that the government has ordered itself is to find something 30 thousand people to be carriers of HIV but have not been diagnosed and therefore do not know it.


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