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A woman's naughty wife as a woman increases her lifespan

A damn woman could be a perfect woman, at least for those men who want to live for years and enjoy good health.

Although it seems to be a news writer, the truth is that no, Science has truly found that men who are tortured live longer.

Studies from the University of Michigan have shown that the expected life expectancy of men who had bosses and controlled women She was bigger than men who did not have such women.

covered the woman

Interestingly, this is not a coincidence and the interpretation is quite logical. The health of those who have a supervisory wife is better because they treat them as children and thus work, Take care of your eating habits in some cases also they must implement.

Yes, this also includes Prohibit trips with friends.

Thank you for all these concerns in the adult age of a man, they can avoid diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and other heart problems, because they would live away from bad habits that could ruin your health.

covered the woman

Beyond that you have a relationship between your mothers and your son with your wife I would turn you into a holy grail of psychoanalysts, at least you can convince you will live longer that those who do not like so much.

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