A teenager who preferred to die before eating


Ellie Long was a 15-year-old Englishwoman who wanted to be a doctor, but after two years of depression, she faced anorexia, she ended up suicide in her room a few days before Christmas 2017.

A year later, a court in Norfolk County in England investigates whether the authorities responded adequately to their case.

Ellie had a "history" two years of depression"and even once came to write a в слове, as was said at a recent hearing.

I was treated with Prozac antidepressant.

Her family believes that "everyone" who asked for help from a young woman's death, "failed".

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A physician specializing in mental health Keran Chitari, who attended Ellie, told the court that at that time Health services have been 'reduced'.

Ellie's mother, Nicki Long, said that her daughter, when she lost weight, started sleeping problems and that they later led to suicidal thoughts.

Ellie's family doctor sent her to an eating disorder, where she was seen by a dietitian and a psychiatrist.

But for adolescents, food conversations were "resting" and, according to the mother, they stopped attending meetings.

"I asked for help, scream"


Image captionThe teenager died in the hospital two days after she was found in her room.

The reaction of the health services was to double the dose of Prozac, which Ellie received, said the court.

Long believes his daughter "He asked for help in screaming, but he was not offered"

After a nine-day stay at the hospital, Ellie's family feared its integrity. The young woman even said that he'd rather commit suicide than eat, who claims that "everyone would be better off without me".

Long told us what happened on December 9, when she called the ambulance, but told her to take her to an Emergency Center that would not be serious as a hospital.

The woman also called the police I hope Ellie was hospitalizedbut instead, the agents gave him a phone number for the social services attended by the answering machine.

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The next day, Long found Ellie in his room. A teenager died two days later in a hospital at the University of Norwich.

Dr. Chitari testified in court I did not know Ellie's history of suicide risk.

"The care plan was never completed and there was no crisis plan," he said.

"Six people tried to do the work 20. The service was reduced, but we tried to offer the best possible care."

The investigation is still pending.


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