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A report that threatens Mark Zuckerberg in the worst way

(ANSA) – Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg oversees plans to consolidate the power of the social network and control its competitors by treating their users as a "chip" while publicly declaring to protect them. .

This reveals 4000 pages of company documents released covering 2011 and 2015, exclusively acquired by NBC News. Documents that include email, online chats, presentations, spreadsheets and meeting summaries show how Zuckerberg, together with the board of directors and his management team, found ways to access the amount of Facebook users' data, including information about friends, relationships, and photos , as an advantage over the companies with which it was linked.

In some cases, Facebook will reward popular companies by enabling them to access their user data. In other cases, it will prohibit access to user data for competing companies or applications.

For example, Facebook has enabled Amazon to expand its access to its user database because it has invested money in advertising on the social network to launch its smartphone Fire. In the second case, Facebook discussed discontinuing access to user data for the messaging application, which became too popular and treated as a competitor.

In an interview with the New York Times in 2014, Zuckerberg said that private communication between users is increasingly important. "All we can do to make people feel more comfortable is really good."

However, documents show that the company behind the scenes, in contrast to Facebook's public statements, has several ways to request third parties to replace Facebook for access to its users, including direct payments, spending on advertising and data sharing.

Although it is not unusual for companies involved in exchanging information about their customers, they have access to confidential data that many other companies do not have. Finally, the documents stand out, the social network has decided not to sell the data directly, but will distribute it to application developers who have been treated as Zuckerberg's personal "friends" or who invest money in Facebook and share their valuable information.

Facebook has denied that it has granted preferential treatment to developers or partners due to advertising costs or attitudes to executives.

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